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Monday, December 04, 2006

True Minimal

Cherry @ Guerrilla Recall III @ Homeclub

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Has it been 2 years? Geez

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Sudden Sept Whirlwind

It's September. We do have things going on despite all the busy schedules.

Sept 22nd @ Cocco Latte!
Sept 30th @ Phuture Sessions!

will post more details soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PopMyCherry! AllStarz

I think I'm about to drown everyone with gigs. Apart from the exciting UVA gig on Sat, we have PopMyCherry! Allstars! on SUNDAY! It's going to be mad because all the old and new girls are coming together again to play many different types of music. Come chill with us. It's free too! Please see below for the line-up and I'll attempt to describe some of the sounds but expect surprises anyway. xoxo,cherry.

SUN 25th June 2006
7PM onwards

7pm - Naomi /oldskool soul
8pm - Kelly /jazz.afro.bossanova
9pm - Karyn /funk.soul
10pm - Yin /
11pm - Pearlyn /electro.rock.
12mn - Natalie /she just have strange tunes
1am - Swee /house
2am - Debbie /house
3am - Dee /disco!

VJ: Reiki + Cherry + Karen Ng

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PopMyCherry! x United Visual Artistes!!

SAT 24th June 2006 Red.Dot.Musuem.Carpark.
United Visual Artiste Followed By PopMyCherry!

10pm : United Visual Artistes (UK)
11pm : Cherry v.s. Reiki
01am : June v.s. Jah
Styra aka Ginette on visuals

With a stroke of good luck and some good karma, PopMyCherry! will be playing after the United Visual Artistes for the onedotzero series of parties! For those who might not actually know, the UVA are like the kings of visual art in electronica. They have gone on tour with Massive Attack, did stuff for PetShopBoys, U2, Kylie Minogue, Basement we are really happy to be sharing a stage with them. Music for the night will run from quirky hiphop to idm to breaks to drum&bass to electro to whatever we feel like dropping in...really. You know us. :) See you on Sat!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Opening for Four Tet in Hong Kong

I am going to Hong Kong to play at the Four Tet gig this Sat. The flyer sort of irritates me because of some misrepresentation of information...such as the Motorola thing and blah female dj... sometimes I get very tired of the hype.

I'm just a selector at the end of the day and my mixing is only average. Good to me is when you can pitch bend i.e. find the first beat, push up the channel fader and mix on the fly. But I really shouldn't complain. The gig is limited to 200 pax which means it's a small tight space and I'll be able to do my fun set of downtempo/house/minimal and probably bits of jungle and drum&bass.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Musique Vondue :: turn the lights down

2nd June @ Baabaablackchic
9pm till you drop, free entry, drinks under $5
Venue is at Perak Street, near Fragrance Hotel

9pm: Daniel (IDM)
10pm: 3goddess (IDM)
11pm: Kable (Dubstep)
12midnite: Cherry (Drum&bass)
1am: Tyrone Shoelaces (Ghetto/Grime)

Monday, April 03, 2006

PopMyCherry! @ CoccoLatte 7th April 2006

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Musique Vondue

Musique Vondue is a tiny tiny night which happen occasionally to showcase the experimental side of electronica. We have been dropping the likes of weird glitchy stuff and is now moving into minimal techno. The next night will probably feature a little bit of dub-step.
Otherwise known as IDM or Intelligent Dance Music, which means that the usual audience is beard stroking rather than booty shaking. (if you don't have one,stroking someone else's beard is acceptable). Spearheaded by Sheffield's Warp label in the late 80s, IDM has its roots in both the UK post industrial scene and Detroit techno. The Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Autechre have all pushed electronic dance music of various shades into strange new shapes.

The Glitch
Basically another German innovation, the glitch scene kicked off with Oval, whose experiments with skipping CDs and other digital subversions paved the way for a whole slew of shaven headed minimal techno operators. While Pole and those on the Basic Channel label married dub bass with pops, crackles and digital splurges, others like Matmos, Microstoria and Fennesz have taken it further out into uneasy ambient territory from it's humble IDM beginnings. The Powerbook (portable Mac computer) and software like Max allows endless permutations for creators of funny noises everywhere, and allows the Glitcherati to hook up with improvisers for a spot of real time abstraction

Musique Vondue :: a night of IDM, Glitch & Minimal sounds

one of the past Musique Vondue flyer

Thursday, March 02, 2006


PopMyCherry! is about a year odd old. Started off as a birthday celebration and it has snowballed into a series of nights as well. We do it every couple of months where the girls get to go up behind the decks and play music they like to all their friends and get drunk at the same time. Many days in advance, the girls will stress out about which tunes to play and the night before, the stress for tunes turn into "what to wear?! what to wear?! i have nothing to wear!!!"
It's a nice little happy night, very much like private house parties, just that this one has many babes in it. Biggie loveys all the girls who came and graced the consoles! ~xoxoxo~

PopMyCherry#6 flyer

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

DYI series

DYI : Do Yourself In!

The first DYI was held at The Arts House (Old Parliament House). Where ministers once sat and discussed the future of Singapore, we managed to secure the venue for a one-off trash it all party. Within 1.5 weeks, sound+light systems were begged, borrowed, haggled; digital flyer done overnight and emailed out to friends, decor borrowed from forgotten corners of production houses, DJs from various collectives roped in etc. On the night itself, friends dropped in to assist with the queue snaking up at the front door, everyone went mad, the cleaner disappeared (so everyone was dancing with tons of beer bottles), someone graffiti-ed the toilet doors, the red carpet was destroyed, the music was mad with drum&bass from Frontallabs, Guerrilla and Innernation on the top floor and an elcetic mix of indie and electro on the lower deck with PopMyCherry! girls.

Thank you to everyone who played and all those who came!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why Fruit Robots?

For the longest time, I didn't really want a virtual space or fancy website for the 3 different nights. I like the fact that the random parties are known through word-of-mouth and last minute emails. Plus, I hate thinking of names. I can't get "popmycherry" as domain name because it's porn and all porn urls cost much $$$. I thought of "playwithme" as an alternative and google it to find some dude in california sitting on it and refusing to budge. Fking cunt.

So here it is. Fruit Robots. There's no special unique formula behind it. It's just about putting hands and legs on fruits and making them dance here and there in dark little spaces. A friend mentioned that it is similar to DevilRobots, maybe I can make a series of shadow toys who will inflict big big pain on those shiny little devil robots and kill them off cyberspace.

Anyway, this space will probably take ages to come into shape because I'm bad with codes and I do not know my photoshop very well. I will try to put some music mixes, photos of very drunk ladies, pretty flyers made by friends and do the occasional ramblings of events.

Fruit robots usually attend these parties.
1) PopMyCherry!
Where The Girls Come out & Play

2) Musique Vondue
The Only Experimental Night In Singapore

3) DYI
Trashy.Raw.1-Off venues.Drum&Bass.